Lens Control 2002-2021

Spectre - Leigh Gold - 1st AC
Railway Children - not the original !
Jackson Gold learning from the best
Leigh & Russell
Gary Hymns and friend
Guardians of the Galaxy
Ray Meere, Leigh + Alex Teale on 'Jack the Giant Slayer'
John Bailie + Harry Bowers
Cameron Diaz and friend
Leigh Gold on 'the Councellor'
Guardians of the Galaxy
John Ferguson - Guardians of the Galaxy
John Ferguson - Guardians of the Galaxy
Lila Dit Ca - Marseille, France
Day of the Dead Parade - Mexico
In the early days with the trusty HU2 !
'Parole Officer' crew
Francesco Ferrari - GOT
Bourne crew - London
Leigh Gold - Spectre
Gary Hymns - Spectre
Bourne in London - 1st AC Andy Banwell
John Ferguson - Guardians
Leigh Gold - 1st AC
John Ferguson - 'Man from Uncle'
John Ferguson - 'Man from Uncle'
Andy Banwell - Capt. Phillips
John Ferguson & Max Glickman
John Jordan - 'Dracula'
Sam Barnes - GOT 4
Iain Struthers
Alex Teale
Fast & Furious 6 - Tenerife
Thor 2
Dark Shadows - Pinewood Studios
Marc Atherfold - Game of Thrones
'Downton Abbey' 2012
Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey
Dean Thompson on Downton Abbey
'Captain America'
'Captain America'
Sacha Jones (2nd AC) - 'Skyfall'
'Skyfall' - action vehicle
Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey
Skyfall - London 2012
1st ACs - Alex Howe & Ashley Bond - Sinbad
1st ACs - Alex Howe & Ashley Bond
Woody Gregson - Sinbad in Malta
'Sinbad' 1st AC, Ashley Bond in Malta
'Sinbad' shoot
'Sinbad' - Malta 2011
Game of Thrones (Wolf unit)
Game of Thrones - Series 2
Bond 23
1st AC - John Jordan
Sean Savage
Small camera with Preston
Dean Thompson & John Bailie
GOT - 1st AC - Andy Gardner
Game of Thrones behind the scenes
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
'Game of Thrones'
Zac Nicholson with AC, Max Glickman
AC, Max Glickman testing at Arri
"Game of Thrones" camera crew
Julian Bucknall & John Jordan
Basil Smith
5D Mk2 with Optimo zoom
1st AC - Pier Hausemer
Streetdance - 3D
Streetdance - 3D
Russell Ferguson
StreetDance 3D
1st AC, Pier Hausemer
1st AC, Pier Hausemer
1st AC, Pier Hausemer
Pier Hausemer
'Quartier Lointain'
Pier Hausemer
'Quartier Lointain' - Luxembourg
John de Borman with 1st AC, Leigh Gold
Glenn Coulman
John Ferguson
'Sherlock Holmes'
1st AC, Iain Struthers
1st AC, John Adefarasin
'Sherlock Holmes' - Iain Struthers
'Britannia High' crew - Lucy + Emma
Pier Hausemer
'Britannia High' crew
Andy Banwell, shooting 'Britannia High'
'Britannia High'
'Britannia High' crew
Ian Coffey with Sean Savage
1st AC, Ian Coffey
Trevor Henen
'Law & Order' - Mark Barrs & Pier Hausemer
Mark Barrs
Gordon in Ghana
Gordon Segrove
Gordon Segrove at work
Marc Tempest (grip), & Gordon Segrove
1st AC - Gordon Segrove
Miles Proudfoot's camera truck - Penang
Vince McGahon
Gary Hymns - supergrip
John Bailey with Alf Tremontin
'Golden Compass'
'Golden Compass'
Paul Hymns (grip) with SuperTechno
'Poirot' - Nathan Mann & Woody Gregson
Andy Banwell - camera operator
Andy Banwell
'Poirot' - crew
Shooting on HD
Nathan Mann - 1st AC
Miss Marple - camera crew
Peter Byrne & Olly Tellet
Lens Control office staff
Steve Wallace
Argentiere - Andy Banwell
Preston in action !
Christian Abomnes & Tetsuo Nagata (DoP)
Christian Abomnes - 1st AC
Dustin Hoffman with Leigh Gold
Dustin Hoffman & John de Borman
'Last Chance Harvey'
Leigh Gold - 1st AC
Ian Coffey - 1st AC
Bluebell Railway
"Fred Claus"
'The Bourne Ultimatum'
Daniel Craig+ 1st AC, Leigh Gold
Leigh Gold with Bond's Aston Martin
filming 'Casino Royale' 2006
Roger Pearce with Leigh Gold
'Casino Royale' camera crew - Bahamas
John de Borman - DoP
Tom Taylor
'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day'
Phil Meheux
'Casino Royale'
'Casino Royale' unit
Leigh Gold with Sam Barnes
Leigh Gold
Babylon A.D. - Vin Diesel
Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D. - Gerard Depardieu & Vin Diesel
Babylon A.D.
Vin Diesel, shooting in Prague.
Babylon A.D.
'1408' Camera Crew
Gerry Vasbenter
Dermot Hickey
Benoit Delhomme
Dermot Hickey
wet conditions
Dermot Hickey
Pinewood tank
DoP, Benoit Delhomme
Dean Thompson
Vin Diesel starring in 'Babylon A.D.'
'Babylon A.D.'
Preston nearly in the water on '1408' !!
Dermot Hickey underwater
'Margate Exodus'
'Fred Claus'
Max Glickman in disguise !
'True North'
Leigh Gold & Max Glickman
'True North'
'True North'
'True North'
'True North'
Andy Banwell
'Roman Mysteries' crew
Gary Hymns
The World Cup - Ollie Longcraine
World Cup Crew
'Chunky' Richmond at the World Cup
Francesco Ferrari
Kim Seber
John Jordan
Bean in the South of France
Kim Seber
2nd Unit Mrs P
'Casino Royal' at Eton
Bond - Leigh Gold, Sam Barnes & James Perry
'The Amazing Mrs Pritchard' crew
'The Amazing Mrs Pritchard'
cable nightmare
Rory Moles, 1st AC
Alf Tramontin, steadicam operator
'Casino Royal' - Czech Republic
Bond - Czech Republic
'Casino Royal'
AC, Franceso Ferrari
'Spooks' series 5
'Spooks' - Jon Beacham
AC - Francesco Ferrari
Adam Gillham
Steve Wallace
Doug Coombs 1957 - 2006
'Casino Royal' - Bahamas
Mark Milsome & Dermot Hickey
'Miss Potter'
'Miss Potter'
1st AC, Dermot Hickey
Daniel Craig
'Casino Royal' - Bahamas
Steve & Mike Leonard
La Grave, France
Time to go skiing !
1st AC - Mary Kyte - Miss Marple
Miss Marple camera crew
Mary Kyte on Miss Marple
"Miss Marple - The Sittaford Mystery"
Miss Marple
1st AC, Ollie Longcraine with Colin Firth
'The Last Legion'
'The Last Legion'
'Children of Men'
'Children of Men'
'Children of Men' set
Francesco Ferrari
Des Whelan
'Life n Lyrics'
John Ferguson + Francesco Ferrari
'Life n Lyrics'
'Children of Men' '
Children of Men - DOP Chivo
Chunky Richmond + Tom Taylor - CoM
Spencer Murray + Dean Moorish
'Children of Men' - Trafalgar Square
Andy Banwell & Peter Field
Dan Liutic with Ulf Brantas
Preston on 'Sweeney Todd'
'Sweeney Todd' - Romania
Radu (dog) Marinescu
Ian Bird & Ray Winstone
'Sweeney Todd' camera equipment
Romanian Grips
1st AD - Tatjana Jakovleva
Ray Winstone as 'Sweeney Todd'
Director - David Moore
Ray, Steve & Essie
'Sweeney Todd' set
Ian Bird & Ulf Brantas
Dan Liutic
'Sweeney Todd' - Romania
'Sweeney Todd' - Romania
'Sweeney Todd'
'Sweeney Todd' - MediaPro Studios
Andy Banwell
'Legend of Zorro'
Leigh Gold
'If I Had You' crew photo !
Roger Tooley - Steadicam
Roger Pearce
John Deery with Roger Pearce
Panavision Grips !
Sarah Parish
Vince McGahon
Granada TV - 'If I Had You'
Steve Wallace - 1st AC
Marc Tempest
John Daly BSC & Roger Pearce
Nigel Willoughby - DoP
'Spooks' IV
Ben Chads
Billy Charlton
'Spooks' crew
'Spooks' IV
'Spooks' IV - Bomb Aftermath !
'Spooks' IV Production
'Spooks' - DoP Damian Bromley
Spooks IV - Adam Gillham
'GOAL 1' Camera Crew
Will Humphris on 'Goal'
Will Humphris - 'Goal'
Camera crew - 'Goal'
George Richmond - Operator 'GOAL'
Gary Hymns
Grand Montet, Argentiere
John Ferguson - HP4
Leigh Gold - prep. 'Legend of Zoro'
2nd Unit Camera Crew - 'Syriana''
Ollie Longcraine - 1st AC
Dave Morgan - camera operator
'Syriana' - 2nd unit, Dubai
Sean Savage & 'Skip' Howard
Alex Howe - 'The Intimidation Game'
Drama in the desert !
company car
Paul Frift - Line Producer
David Attwood - Director
Ulf Brantas - DoP
Kim Seber
'To the Ends of the Earth' RSA
Electrical dept.
Green camera crew
'To the Ends of the Earth'
'To the Ends of the Earth' camera crew
Camera Operator, Adam Gilham
'To the Ends of the Earth'
'To the Ends of the Earth' - Richards Bay
Stuart King
Ulf Brantas & Benedict Cumberbatch
Martin Kemp + Steve
Ray Meere
Super Techno in action !
Steve with Super Techno
Super Techno Crane
Ray Meere
"Can't Buy Me Love"
Peter Field
DoP - John Daly BSC
'Can't Buy Me Love'
'Can't Buy Me Love' - Camera Crew
Can't Buy Me Love - DOP - John Daly
Lens Control Porsche
Alf & Mary
James Scott - focus puller
BBC - 'Blackpool'
BBC - 'Blackpool'
Mary Kyte + James Scott - 'Blackpool'
Mary Kyte & Gerry Vasbenter
'Blackpool' - Bob Shipsey
'The Grid' filming in Morocco
Ulf Brantas & Steve
Will Humphris, Steve Evans & Adam Gilham
'To the Ends of the Earth'
'To the Ends of the Earth'
'Lila Dit Ca' - Marseille
Preston at work !
Jerry Hill Motor Brackets
Harry Bowers
Vahina Giocante
'Johnny English' - Action Unit
Mary Kyte on Spooks
Andy Banwell - 'Murder City'
Vahina Giocante
'Johnny English' - action unit
Mark Milsome - Stage Beauty