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Preston Cinema System

supplier of the best lens control systems

Jerry Hill Products

great motor brackets plus lots of good stuff

Cinematography Electronics

Measuring distance just became easier with the Cinematography Electronics CINE TAPE MEASURE System. This versatile ultrasonic system continuously calculates the distance between a subject and the camera's film-plane. By continuously measuring distance during a shot, small or subtle subject movements are no longer a problem. With non-stop measurements, focusing a camera lens is simplified which saves time, avoids retakes and reduces production costs.

Preston FIZ

useful stuff!/downloads/firmware

Preston Microforce

info for Microforce!/downloads/firmware

How to Avoid Wireless Interference

check out 'wireless literature' by Howard Preston!/downloads/firmware

The Wireless Jungle

check out 'wireless literature' by Howard Preston!/downloads/firmware

Focus Knob Tension Adjustment

look for HU3 adjustments!/downloads/firmware