Lens Control 2002-2021


100% reliability is what you need in extreme conditions - Lens Control Prestons give you that confidence ! Also, loved the cinetape interface !

Andy Banwell  - 'Fast & Furious 6', 'Captain Phillips', 'Pan'

Lens Control supplied Prestons are always immaculate and I know I can trust them ! 24/7 backup is especially comforting. Highly recommended company !!

John Ferguson  - 'Malificent', World War Z', 'Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Man from Uncle'

super gear, highly recommended !

Jon Beacham  - 'Downtown Abbey' - 2012

Lens Control are highly recommended - Preston performed faultlessly in even the most extreme conditions !

Olly Driscoll  - 'Fast & Furious 6', 'Captain Phillips'

Excellent equipment, highly recommended company, pleasure to deal with.

John Jordan  - 'Skyfall', 'Thor - The Dark World', 'Muppets 2', 'Dracula Untold'

I used a 'Lens Control' Preston on every shot on 'Sinbad' in often extreme conditions and it was flawless. Great gear and a reliable professional company. Highly recommended.

Ashley Bond  - 'Sinbad' for Sky TV - Malta 2011

Excellent, reliable gear, used in extreme weather conditions for a very long shoot. Highly recommended !

Miles Proudfoot  - 'Game of Thrones' - Season 2 ('A' cam - Dragon unit)

'Lens Control's' Preston HU3 highly recommended 100% reliable ! Would never use anything else

John Jordan  - 'Dark Shadows'

We used Lens Control's Preston systems throughout a long, demanding shoot in Northern Island they were faultless. Would always recommend them highly to anyone !

Jimmy Ward  - 'Game of Thrones' ('B' cam Dragon unit)

the Prestons were invaluable - they were used on virtually every shot on 2 cameras throughout the 6 month shoot ! Can't recommend Lens Control Ltd highly enough, always quality equipment and reliable backup.

Dean Thompson  - 'Downton Abbey' - 2011